Kornarou square is located in the city centre. In this square there used to predominate the imposing church of the Saviour (:San Salvatore), which was converted into a mosque during the turkish conquest with the name Valide (Valde) mosque and in the middle of the 20th century it functioned as a girl’s high school. It was demolished during the Dictatorship (1967-1974). On the site of it, now stands a sculpture which depicts Erotokritos and Aretousa, characters from the title-play work by the famous author Vitsentzos Kornaros.
In the north part of the square, there is a turkish fountain which was built in 1776 by Hatzi Ibrahim Agha. It has the form of a round domed building punctuated by barred windows, in front of which there is a stone basin where the water was gathered. Today, it is used as a coffee house.



Behind this fountain there is another one , called the Bembo fountain. It was constructed by the Venetian capitano Gianmatteo Bembo. It is decorated with Rennaissance and Gothic elements and a big headless roman statue.